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WineGB welcomes Labour government and speaks about new opportunities

WineGB has welcomed the new Labour government and the opportunity to partner with them to support the UK’s fastest growing agricultural sector.  

WineGB welcomed the new Labour government and the opportunity to partner with them to support the UK’s fastest growing agricultural sector.  

A spokesperson for WineGB said that in the association’s Manifesto for Growth, the members called on the new government to “act now and ensure that the right investment occurs, opportunities are taken, and regulatory blocks are removed to safeguard the sustainable growth of our sector”.  

They added: “We seek fairer business; an improved environment; and an understanding of the value of British wine.” 

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Encouraging tourism and supporting small businesses 

WineGB said that the association extends congratulations to Rt Hon Rachel Reeves MP, the new chancellor of the exchequer.  

A WineGB spokesperson added: “We eagerly anticipate the chance to explore how to create a fairer business environment for English and Welsh wine and call for a revision of the duty system to allow for a fairer regime for home-grown wines that encourages tourism and supports small businesses. 

“We would also like to congratulate Rt Hon Jonathan Reynolds MP on his appointment as secretary of state for business and trade. We are full of anticipation to partner with DBT so our sector can grow through exports.  

“A final congratulations to Rt Hon Steve Reed MP, the new secretary of state for the environment, food and rural affairs. We look forward to partnering with Defra to improve ecology, planning, and especially to ensure that we value British. 

“This can be achieved through better regulation of our wines, which supports existing and new categories, and investment to sustainably grow our vineyards, wineries, cellar doors, and sector education.” 

Opportunity for sustainable growth 

Nicola Bates, CEO of WineGB.

Nicola Bates, CEO of WineGB, the trade association for English and Welsh wine, added: “Congratulations to the new Labour government.

“There is much to do to support our sector, and we anticipate working in partnership to accelerate the UK’s fastest growing agricultural sector.  

“We seek to grasp this opportunity for sustainable growth, including an export-led approach, which will require a fairer business platform; an improved environment for sustainability, planning and infrastructure; and valuing British wine.” 

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