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Precision mistblowers for every need

Mistblower technology expert Hardi can offer plenty of advice and knowledge when it comes to the world of spraying within vines, soft fruit, orchards or any other mistblower application.

Hardi mistblower

The Hardi sales team can supply a range of units, either mounted or trailed, with tank capacities of 400–3,700-litres – designed specifically to meet customers’ mistblowing requirements.

With ever increasing demands to improve accuracy, reduce product usage and reduce drift, Hardi has developed the Optimus range for spraying vines. The Optimus is designed to reduce drift and over spray, whilst providing a high degree of accuracy. Each application pod carries two diffusers and allows you to adapt the delivery of application to match the vine vegetation, allowing you to spray only the areas needed to spray.

With the unique application pods creating a wide air curtain around the delivery nozzles drift is reduced by up to 35%. Each diffuser can be adjusted with variable spray angle, allowing narrow or wide delivery of air volume, adjustable direction, enhanced delivery of air speed and application of both product and fan speed to suit the vegetation within the vineyard.

With the Hardi Optimus you can cover anything from a single row, two rows or three complete rows per pass, allowing capacity to be maximised.

The extensive range of Hardi mistblowers also includes axial blower mistblowers, for a varied range of applications – from orchards to the cleaning of sheds. A range of high-capacity fans and deflector kits are available depending on your requirements, from small low crops to tall trees, with a phenomenal capacity of 100,000m3/hour air volume in the range topping 920 fan unit. All fan units have a centrifugal clutch and a two-speed gearbox with neutral to aid calibration and maintenance.

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