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Pints of wine to hit UK shelves from September

Under new post-Brexit trade rules, pint-sized bottles will be on sale in the UK from autumn 2024.

The UK government believe the change will help the nation’s ‘thriving’ wine industry. Image credit : Unsplash

On 19th September, seven changes to pre-packaged wine sizes will come into effect, including the sale of pints of wine.

Announcing the date in the House of Commons, business minister Kevin Hollinrake said: “The 568ml pint quantity is one of seven changes in pre-packed wine sizes that are expected to come into force on 19 September 2024, supporting the thriving UK wine sector by providing opportunities for innovation and greater choice.”

The 568ml pints of wine will sit alongside the more common sizes of 200ml and 500ml already available.

Mr Hollinrake added: “Our new post-Brexit powers provide new options, including new legislation which aligns existing sizes across still and sparkling pre-packed wine so that both can be sold in 200ml and 500ml quantities, which we know there is good demand for.”

It’s believed the move will offer greater consumer choice, but there will be no legal obligation for businesses to sell the new sizes.

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Pint-sized freedom

WineGB chief executive Nicola Bates commented: “We welcome the chance to be able to harmonise still and sparkling bottle sizes and we are happy to raise a glass to the greater choice.”

It’s believed around 900 UK vineyards, which produce 12.2 million bottles of still or sparkling wine a year, are set to benefit from the new post-Brexit ‘freedoms’.

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