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“Outstanding” performance from Lidl on British apples

Lidl bought over 3,000 tonnes of new season British apples in October, while Tesco fell short of its 2022 performance, according to sales figures from British Apples & Pears Limited (BAPL).

Crates of British apples

BAPL has published sales figures for October 2023, which was the first month proper of the British apple season.

Lidl significantly outperformed its market share, buying 3,030 tonnes of new season British apples via BAPL members. This represents 22.1% of all British apple sales in October, compared to their grocery market share of just 7.6%.

Unfortunately, other retailers have been slower to get behind new season British apples, BAPL said.

In October 2022, Tesco topped the British apple sales chart with 2,902 tonnes. However, in October 2023 the UK’s biggest supermarket only bought 1,325 tonnes of British apples. That’s less than half its sales of October 2022.

BAPL’s executive chair, Ali Capper said: “Lidl’s performance is outstanding. They really got behind British apples in our first month of the new season. Sainsbury’s and Aldi also did very well, taking 2,764 and 2,628 tonnes of British apples respectively during the month.

“For Tesco to be so far behind their sales last year – down 54% – and to be in fourth place in our league table for the month is very disappointing. We know from consumer comments on our social channels that they get very excited about buying new season, home-grown British apples. Sadly, Tesco has let them and British top fruit growers down.”

In October 2023, Tesco sold 9.8% of all British apples sales, compared to their grocery market share 27.4%.

Full details of BAPL member monthly sales can be viewed here

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