International Women’s Day: How women strengthen wine industry  - Fruit & Vine

International Women’s Day: How women strengthen wine industry 

International Women’s Day is a great opportunity to celebrate women who have been advocating diversity and inclusion in the wine industry.

International Women’s Day: How women strengthen wine industry 

WineGB is one of the companies that truly appreciates having women’s power on board.  

The association has a female chair, Sam Linter, who crafted the first diversity and inclusion strategy for WineGB and has driven the agenda. Under her leadership, the board has a 50:50 gender balance.  

What is more, in 2023 WineGB appointed its first female CEO, Nicola Bates.  

Balanced sector

Ms Bates said: “Nearly 50% of those employed in Britain’s wine industry are women, and WineGB has always sought to advocate and support a balanced sector.

“However, English and Welsh wines are not complacent, and we seek to accelerate our activities to ensure that women are entering the sector and growing their careers at every level.

“In 2024 we launch our Sustainable People committee to support better representation across the sector, and we aim to help our members with education and practical toolkits over the year to enable women to thrive in wine.”

Promoting women in wine industry

The Sustainable People committee launches on 14th March, coinciding with the celebration of the CBI, FSB and TAF Women in Trade Association’s Power List, founded by Ms Bates in 2022.

Ms Linter will be featured in the outstanding contribution category.

Emma Rix, who has recently been hired by WineGB as the sustainability executive, will also be accelerating the work to promote women in the industry.

Being a woman in wine industry

Ms Linter said that being a woman in the wine industry can be both rewarding and challenging.

She added: “While the industry has traditionally been male-dominated, more and more women are making significant contributions and breaking barriers.  Women in the wine industry often face stereotypes and biases.

“However, many women have successfully challenged these stereotypes and are making their mark as winemakers, sommeliers, marketers, and business leaders all over the world. The wine industry is evolving, and there are increasing opportunities for women to excel in various roles, from viticulture and winemaking to sales and marketing.”

Ms Linter said that overall, being a woman in the wine industry requires resilience, determination, and a commitment to excellence. By embracing these challenges and opportunities, women can continue to make valuable contributions and shape the future of the wine and agriculture world.

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