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Cornwall-based vineyard organises wine tasting with sustainable twist

A Cornwall-based family-run vineyard will host an evening of wine tasting, but with a sustainable twist. 

The Atlantic Vineyard, will host an evening of wine tasting, but with a Cornish sustainable twist at The Griffin Hotel in Newquay.

The event, organised by the Atlantic Vineyard, will take place at The Griffin Hotel in Newquay on 11th July. 

The organisers said that the evening will include a guided wine tasting experience with pairing nibbles and a talk on ethical wine making from The Atlantic Vineyard. 

The guests will also have a chance to purchase wine and gifts. 

Earth-friendly vines 

The vineyard is taking part in a ground-breaking project to produce Earth-friendly vines from a variety of grapes perfected for the Cornish climate by 2025. 

The owners said: “Here at The Atlantic Vineyard, we are practicing what we preach and endeavour to maintain our vines in a sustainable and ecologically friendly way.  

“We are on a journey, exploring new techniques and ways to avoid synthetic chemical treatments entirely.  

“We are working towards being a wholly organic vineyard, and are currently undergoing conversion and accreditation with The Soil Association.   

“We have planted and are exclusively growing 14 new varieties of ecologically and Earth-friendly vines, from which we will be making organic and Earth-Friendly wines. 

“With their natural disease resistance, these vines need little to no treatment with chemical fungicidal sprays.  

“They are in the main, early ripening, and due to their natural resistance and sometimes thicker grape skins, can be left out later in the year to achieve peak ripening for wine-making.  

“This makes them ideal for ‘cool climate viticulture’ and viniculture, especially in Cornwall.” 

They added that Atlantic Vineyard focuses on improving the natural health and biodiversity of the soil. 

In addition, the reduced use of tractors for spraying and the resulting reduction in soil compaction around the vines will support the natural biodiversity within the soil, which will itself improve the nutrients available to the vines.  

“Hence our motto that ‘good wine is made in the vineyard’ and that the health of the soil is absolutely and fundamentally critical, not only to our wine, but to support a thriving ecology across the vineyard,” they concluded. 

Find out more about the event here

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