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Data project “a new chapter in wine production”

A new project is aiming to create an open standard for digital maps of commercial vineyards in the UK and around the world.

Green wine, anyone?

A new collaboration between the Royal Agricultural University (RAU) and the University of Worcester is looking at how grape growers might be able to make green wine – in terms of its environmental impact, that is.

Late season threat to grape harvest

2023 brought a dull July with low light levels, high rainfall and low temperatures, so this year’s grape harvest will almost certainly be a low-sugar and late one. This will increase the risk of fungal diseases such as downy mildew and grey mould, which can be difficult to manage. Two of Hutchinsons’ senior agronomists, viticulture lead Chris Cooper and horticultural agronomist Rob Saunders, review the options open to growers to manage these challenging pathogens.

Optimise your wine operations with robust software systems

Wineries, on a day-to-day basis, are focused on their core purpose for being in business: making an exceptional bottle of wine. To this end, they have all the best systems needed already in place. They have an excellent approach to vineyard management, a sound selection process for raw materials and modern production management systems for producing that good bottle of wine. However, what happens once the wine is made and bottled?

The dos and don’ts of health and safety in the winery

Within wineries there are numerous health and safety hazards that require careful management to protect staff and minimise the risk of injury. Following the recent tragic death of Italian winemaker Marco Bettolini, who was overcome by toxic fumes while attempting to rescue a colleague, Fruit & Vine spoke to Defined Wine CEO Henry Sugden who offered some advice.

Suffolk vineyard owner shares top tips for starting a wedding venue

Ian Evans, co-owner of Copdock Hall Vineyard in Ipswich, spoke at the recent Autumn Farming Conference to share the highs and lows of running a boutique vineyard and wedding venue.

Vineyards are “the fastest-growing edible agriculture crop sector” in England

Vineyards have been confirmed as being in the top two of the fastest-growing agricultural crop sectors in England, according to recent statistics reported within Defra’s Agricultural and Horticultural Survey.

Reduce copper levels in wine grapes with silicon

Trials on UK grapevines have shown that applying silicon as a foliar spray can help reduce excessive accumulation of copper, which can affect the sensory qualities of wine.

Consortium set to acquire Hambledon Vineyard for £22.3M

A consortium led by the UK’s oldest wine merchant, Berry Bros & Rudd, has initiated a takeover bid for Hambledon Vineyard in Hampshire.

The pros and cons of growing piwi varieties

Can piwi varieties help British vineyards manage the threat of disease? What do growers need to do differently when managing these hybrid varieties? Do they make good wine – and how do we market them to consumers? The Viti-Culture event in East Sussex saw a panel of experts tackle these questions.

How to get started with regenerative viticulture?

With a spotlight currently on improving sustainability in farming, Becky Sykes, programme director at the recently launched Regenerative Viticulture Trust, spoke to Fruit & Vine about how British vineyards could benefit from regenerative techniques.

New Chapel Down winery to produce six million bottles a year

Chapel Down’s new purpose-built winery is set to be complete by harvest 2025 and will have the capacity to produce six million bottles a year, placing its Canterbury site at the centre of the country’s thriving wine industry.

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